In a market that's saturated with cheap fast fashion and excessive industrial waste, The Poet aims to use quality materials, sustainable production and timeless design to ensure each piece is cherished and worn for years to come.

You'll often see The Poet offering pre-order options. This allows us to gauge demand for a particular piece and order appropriately so there is no waste.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed by our Founder Sarah in Australia and ethically produced by a small but talented team of skilled artisans in Bali using both hand-crafted and metal casting techniques. Our Bali studio share our values of producing each piece using quality craftsmanship in a fair and ethical workplace.

Working in an airconditioned studio and paid above award wages, our artisans are happy little vegemites and take great pride in lovingly creating each piece for you – and we truly believe that shows in the final product.


The last thing Sarah wanted was to add more waste to the world of fast fashion, so The Poet has been crafted with premium quality 925 silver, micron plated 24k Italian Gold and soon, solid 14k Gold. Our pieces are nickel free and our silver jewellery is also dipped in rhodium to give it extra shine.

Any metals that are left-over from the jewellery-making process are melted down and sold to villagers at half the market price or used in our own designs (such as the Believer Pendant and Mother Rose Pendant) so there is no waste and it goes on to be repurposed.


Because of the significant environmental impact of diamond mining (it’s estimated that over 1 tonne of earth is mined per carat of diamond – not to mention the horrendous effects of conflict), The Poet uses Moissanite, a diamond alternative that is visually indistinguishable and is a symbol for a more thoughtful and sustainable future.

Moissanite is one of the rarest naturally occurring minerals in the world which was first discovered at the site of a meteorite strike in Arizona in 1893. Because of its rarity, Moissanite is now grown in controlled environments using advanced technology which recreates the natural growth process above ground with the same unique colour variations and inclusions of a naturally occurring gemstone. It is then cut and polished before making its way to brands such as The Poet for resale.

Our Moissanites are 100% traceable back to their origins and require absolutely no mining to produce making it an entirely environmentally friendly product.

How does it stack up against a diamond? Find out here!

We are conscious of over-packaging and believe we have found the perfect balance between packaging your order in a safe and visually beautiful way without unnecessary waste. We will send multiple orders in the one jewellery box, however if you require additional boxes for gifts, please let us know in the notes section at the checkout! These jewellery boxes should be kept for storing your jewels. They also make the perfect travel companion so you can take unworn jewels with you as you wander.

We're always looking at how we can improve our sustainability practices, and if you have any suggestions for us, we'd love you to get in touch!